Submissions are now open!

Reluctant Repose is accepting submissions!  That’s right, we want you!  We want to feature writers and poets works to be analyzed and shared.  Look over your work, look over our submission guidelines and decide if you would like to be one of our next featured writers.  You may submit a piece and specify what you wish done with it.  Perhaps you want it critiqued, edited, and/or featured as it stands.  Send poetry, fiction, non-fiction, reference, self-help, anything you want!  (Just mind the length guidelines, please.)  You can find the contact and requirements under the ‘Submissions’ section of Reluctant Repose.  Previously submitted work is fine, previously published work is fine.   (As long as the rights are yours.)

Also, you are welcome to reach out, speak your mind, and even suggest a work, famous or not, that you would like to see looked over.  Want to see a review of Pride and Prejudice, send a suggestion.  (Although, for the record I was never a fan of that one.)

So, happy writing, and remember to send in your work, we would love to feature you!


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