“Once Upon a Daydream” Simple poetry

I wanted to share with you a simple little piece I wrote recently.  It’s no grand analysis of human thought or inner demons, just a sweet little nothing.  Still, I enjoyed it, and after my last poetic post, perhaps a light-hearted piece would do some good.  I will provide no analysis on this work, as I feel none is necessary.  I hope you enjoy ‘Once Upon a Daydream”.  It was a pleasure to write.

Once Upon a Daydream

Once upon a daydream
the poet lay awake
dreaming into being,
his lovers, he creates

Once upon a daydream
a girl with golden hair
sweetly she would whisper
and plainly he would stare

she said

Build for me, a castle
it’s every perfect stone
nothing to compare to
the beauty of my throne.

Once upon a daydream
a girl with silver hair
a silver tongue to match
oh, the ill-fated pair

she said

Build for me, a tower
one stretching to the skies
a place to hold captive
the wonder in your eyes.

Once upon a daydream
alone the poet sat
pondering loneliness
staring into his hat

Once upon a daydream
a girl with copper hair
tripped over the poet
surprised to find him there

she said

Let us build together
if we can find the way
if we build together
our home is where we’ll stay.

Once upon a daydream
lost deep inside the wood
there formed a giant oak
where once two lovers stood

Never again alone
In loving arms they lay
together, as they wished
until the end of days.

© Melissa Black, 2015 All rights reserved.


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