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Exponential Epigram

this was a dream
twelfth avenue, stop sign
street corner hill
on foot though
stopping to rest
sort through my bag
priceless notebooks
poetic scribblings, loose leaf
shoulder strap must have
dug a track

doubled over in sorting
approached by a stranger
wanted something from me
closer now, yes
it was my shoes
“want those” pointing, he said
without asking
inexpensively decent
green white tennis lace-ups
give them up, sure
“but to walk the hill barefoot?
where do you live?”
to the stranger, asked I
a hand raised dismissal
“don’t answer that”
(he wouldn’t have anyhow)
bending to untie
“Stop!”  he said
then a second stranger

swiftly with a thieving deftness
slipped off the left shoe
accosted and unbalanced, I
bent to remove the other
third stranger, a shadow
these three youths meant to
harm me
grabbing up my bag
to hold as ransom
as the first boy

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