I wrote a piece today that may require a bit of a preface.  Typically, I am of the mind that poetry should need no introduction, that it should be permitted to stand alone.  However, this particular piece is an indictment against poets, hence my desire to qualify it with the precursory statement that I am speaking to the masses.  It is a warning to hopefuls, an attack on those that live for praise, and a manner of ripping the mask from the false face of modesty.  The message is to remember why you started writing, to keep yourself humble, as you are nothing, no matter the degree of success you may or may never attain.  I sincerely hope you enjoy “Success”.


Ah, the poet
derisive creature
spinning lies
into verse.
Sing your sardonic song
of condescending
as witless masses
applaud in admiration
your silver tongue
and honeyed lips.

Smile, dear poet
as you become the machine
weave those tattered dreams
into trite nothings
axiomatic wording
veils obfuscated want
ever alone
within the catacombs
of self-loathing and pride.

Detest the lie
you have become.
Feed the voracious
egotistical glutton;
the starving soul
gorging on emptiness.
Uncontrolled combustion
of melodramatic,
meaningless self-postulation
claim the victory
for posterity.
Sell your worthless tomes
of devalued visions
and devour the praises,
empty caloric libations
ignoble as the minds
that spout them.

Take pride, young poet.
Swallow the fallacious
excreted diamonds
of self-defeating glory.
Realized reverie
a god among men
remembering never
your lowly Olympian stature
nor the slums
from whence you came.

© Melissa Black, 2015 All rights reserved.


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