Here we are, something a little more ‘me’.  I hope you enjoy “Conformity”


sitting around
wasting time
waiting to die
all we ever do
call it by any other name
call it living
the irony
call it anything you will
but never what it is
sell yourself
into the machine
of society
sell yourself
into the machine
of workforce
spend your worthless dollars
on symbols of stature
sell your sacred time
to family
other humans
further slaves
known only
by viscous similarity
ruddish attachment
teach them
to sell themselves
like so many other whores
into the same cycle
devalue life
devalue self
sell your worth
become a number
sacrifice the self
you never wanted
to be you anyway
to be the self is difficult
to move against the flow
made impossible
by the machine
sell yourself
into slavery
as have the masses before you
as will your children
as will theirs
the self is dangerous
the self is unique
it has identity
it does not fit
one cog, slipping
out of rhythm
jams machinery
must be excised
like festering boil
unsightly variance
kill the strange
deny the self
so you may fit
like the others
before you
after you
waste yourself
sell it
to serve another’s design
earn your pittance
count it
with greedy pride
who knew
humanity was so cheap
minimum wage subjugation
six figure salary
a shaved ape in a suit
take pride, you fools
enjoy the wallowing
piteous mass
you have become
was always
your destiny
© Melissa Black, 2015 All rights reserved.


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