“The Old Man and the Clock Tower”

Here’s an honest preface for you, dear reader.  I sat today, thinking how my last two posts were somewhat critical, and perhaps I should offer up some pretty little something, just to lift the spirits again.  As I sat, considering what to write, I wondered if I remembered how to write in rhyme, seeing as I have strayed from the format of late.  An image appeared and my pencil began to fly furiously, I smiled at the familiar sensation.  As I wrote, a story began to unfold.  I followed where it led.  Unfortunately it was less than uplifting.  However, I fell so in love with the character, I pitied him so that I felt obligated to post his story.  If I may offer a new piece, it is not my best work by any means, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.  I hope you do as well.  “The Old Man and the Clock Tower” is 24 lines of 7 syllables each, following the familiar AA,BB form.

Listening, tick-tock, tick-tock
moments spin around the clock
tiny hands, weaving fate
tired legs perambulate
thinking of the days long past
breaking from the molds we’ve cast
Does it ever truly end
could I maybe just pretend?
Pitter-patter of the rain
wash the footprints left in vain.
If by distant memory
I may live eternally,
will I ever fully die?
Questions to an angry sky…
Wait in vain, he’ll never come
no goodbyes, my only son.
Tomorrow, another day
if I wait and if I pray
perhaps then, he will return
forgetting the bridge we burned.
Tomorrow, if I still live
there is chance he will forgive.
So I wait, beneath the clock,
listening, tick-tock, tick-tock.

© Melissa Black, 2015 All rights reserved.


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