“Damage Control”

Sometimes I think
my life will be spent
on damage control.
Wasting every moment
mollifying emotions
curing ills and
singing sinners to sleep
and I wonder
what might I be capable of
if given the chance
to work unhindered
what does it gain
even them
to be pacified
offered merciful release
from every self-inflicted woe
do I not
perpetuate the cycle
excusing behaviors for
the sake of ego?
Do I not, also,
create my own problems
in the hopes
that someone like me
will come to my salvation
my rescue.
I have stranded my mind
on a lonely isle
of intellect and self-deceit
I have become the sinner
raised mountains from dust
and then complained of the vastness
And so, I
will end this cycle
through perceived malignance
denial of exterior
for singular dedication
of ending cyclical calamity
I take this step
whispering a prayer
that others follow
and downwardly
I fall
into the nothing-
into myself.

© M. Black, 2015 All rights reserved.


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