“The New Girl”

It seemed my waitress was bored
flitting past my table frequently
asking incessantly if I was “okay”
and yet, as it happens
when need arose
she appeared to have forgotten
my quiet presence

I pushed my plate to table’s edge
napkin folded carefully atop
and produced a small sum of cash
placing it conspicuously
beside my plate
for such is the spell
to summon waitstaff

Finally she bounces toward me
smiling, and in her eyes
I see an innocence,
a sweet sort of stupidity
“Are you still eating this?”
she motions to my empty plate
now I am smiling, too
“No” I say
“Well, would you like another Guinness?”
“No, thank you, just the check.”

Upon her return
my merriment is no longer concealable
and I manage a giggling “No change.”
Similarly to the way a dog might
she cocks her head to one side
“Really? Thank you!”
After my exit, a thought occurs-
I pause to wonder what meaning
she assigned to my smile
or if it was even granted a moment of thought.

ยฉ M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


6 thoughts on ““The New Girl”

    1. I appreciate the advice. =) It is entirely possible that she didn’t spend a second on it. That wasn’t really the point though. This was more of an observation of human behavior and self awareness. I tip well, (years of working in restaurants has that effect) but the habit has brought unwanted attention on occasion. People misinterpret gestures consistently. That’s why the answer doesn’t actually matter. It’s not answering the question that’s important, so much as remembering to ask it.


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