“Unparalleled Reflection”

I recall, when I was young
there was a journal hidden
under my mattress
I thought, I was being
devious and that surely
no one would discover
its secret place

Older brother, mine,
as elders are to do,
took opportunity to display
his wit, and perception
at my expense.

The humiliation that followed
will be present in memory
until I am no more
and so it is
with great curiosity, I observe

No longer do we hide
our secret journal of thoughts
guarded from criticism
away from prying eyes

Do we not speak our minds
and often
without fear of reproach?
Something has changed.

Perhaps it is
the imagined safety we assume
when sitting in a car
yelling at strangers
or picking our noses

Or perhaps we
have grown so calloused
that we spill
our emotional dribble
and paranoid theatrics
in the hope of
incurring any response at all

I cannot pretend to understand
societal circumstance
but observationally
this can’t be good.

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


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