“Unequally Yolked”

My first grade teacher
was not overly fond of me
This stemmed from an unfortunate, yet
important moment in development
where in which, I
informed the class
that Santa wasn’t real.
Mind you, I meant no harm
the opposite, in fact
it was my belief that I
was liberating the minds of my peers
freeing then from the lies of our elders
releasing their minds to
new possibility
But they were crying
and couldn’t hear me
so I spoke louder.
Stern-faced principal
disapproval of my sedition
Here I was,
the truth-teller
revealing the unseen
begging to be heard
the asshole
tearing the delicious lies from faces
hated for causing pain, and worse
my truth denied, on basis of unpleasantness

I could not understand,
those twenty-some years ago
that truth is unwelcome, if it does not
flatter the established reality.
Reflecting now, I realize
my life has not changed so much
nor have I learned from my mistake
as still I find myself
begging for society to view the ugly truth
and being denied audience
for want of sycophantic company
believers of the same lie
We are taught, by religion, even
to keep to our own
that we are not subverted
by knowledge
permitted only to speak with nonbelievers
in attempt to bring another mind
to the hive.
Social movements are predictable
when one watches the herd
rivals still prey upon weaker members
slowly weakening the group defensive
until assimilation of the whole.
Even now, perhaps I too, am a part
of my own sort of herd
defending a supposed honor
a glory of truth and thought
and so it is expected
that I should again go unheard
save by those
who were already willing to listen.

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


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