“The Mature Mind”

Yesterday we accepted invitation
for social outing
with coupled friends
a stage of adult life
doing couple-things
with other paired hominids
as if somehow we expected
this was developmental progress

What they never tell us, is
the house will be filled
with a miasma of sickness
causing my skin to crawl
or how important
seating arrangements are
to avoid the disloyal eye
of those with less conviction

Despite childhood memory
portraying civilized behavior
well-wishes and sincere laughter
polished women drinking wine
with confident men
it seems

at a certain age
humans become incapable
of existence lacking
comparative standard
which can be surpassed

why is it
as children, we
never questioned purpose
behind banal reality
nor did we surround ourselves
with displayable objects
to fulfill the hope
of being desirable

If purpose is
what the adult seeks
meaning for it all
surely there can be
grander design, or
desire to achieve
than being seen as
but never being

Such notions remain
forgotten by matured mind
as these are only still
the ignorant imaginings
of a child

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.



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