“Seek and Destroy”

8:05 pm, I am alone and it is quiet
the wind has died to a dull echo
and even traffic seems so far away that it needn’t exist
paranoia is always present
though its severity and dressings may differ
from any given moment to the next
I miss the days when I would dream
limitless imagination, unfettered
my mind was capable of anything,
I never doubted that
until they told me to.

Back then, I was constantly reprimanded
“Her head’s in the clouds” they would say
had I known how precious, how rare
an active mind would have been
I like to think I would have protected it
from the cynicism of adulthood
and the inevitable doldrums
that would attempt to consume it

A mind at work attracts attention
children want to poke it with sticks
not yet with malice, for they too are
revelling in discovery
but with maturity comes death
as in all life forms
and it is such that we surround ourselves with
the death of an idea, a creation
offers us a victory we cannot achieve for ourselves
and so the hunt continues

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


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