Much of my logic is contradictory
indeed, I am generous enough,
with unimportant things
my last twenty can be yours
for the asking
but I keep what’s precious
simple trust is far too costly
to be given away.
Frequently I expect people
to have an understanding
of an idea, a process, or thought
without giving contextual explanation
and I take offense
when they can’t see,
though my secrecy is to blame.
Some days I want to feel attractive
but not if I’ll be noticed
attention makes me nervous
itches just beneath my skin
and I, afflicted
want to scream “Fire!” and run.
I suppose we’re not so different,
after all.
Irrationality, justified by fear,
offered in the guise of self-preservation;
how very human of me.

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


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