“Externally Influenced”

Does the moon only shine
in the eyes of another
or  music sound sweet
only when in company?
This state of dependence
must be addressed
as we, too often
distract the lonely mind
with needless social transfer
to deter our own device
from introspective view.
We are addicted to abstraction
escaping the weighty pull
of our consciousness
and convictions,
burrowing deep within
the shallow recesses of
anyone else’s problems.
We will carry our debts
as chips on our shoulders,
epaulettes of experience
to denote authority
on matters involved.
Still, we fortify our sanity
with anecdotal banter of
self-designed detriment
and conversational replay
allowing no pause
for meditative surrender
no corrective action.
One would think we’d have noticed
when trading wagers
of insignificant tribulation
that he who takes the pot
wins nothing.

Anything to keep from being alone.

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


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