“Atop the Mountain”

is it possible, perchance
that you might, one momentous day
be anything other than predictable?
it bores me, you see
the ironicly unrelenting nature
of ego, and I doubt
that I can tolerate a single day more
of monotonal caterwalling
it’s not as if I’m asking
for you to produce original thought
though, I may enjoy watching
the atrophied organ attempt
to generate hypothesis on the possibility
existential thinking must be difficult
what I truely expect
is far simpler, yet too complex
be the owner of your own mind
create the dreams you wish to inhabit
find the thought that fills you
with unexplained passion
let it define you
and for the love of self
stop being agreeable
to circumstance you find offensive
do not be cheapened
by the stench of conformity
just be, and be well
though, I wonder at the utility
of such advice
given, not created within
and fear it is as useless to you
as are the lesser peers you keep
I would say, a waste, but I doubt
the truth of even that,
if such is your chosen lot
then who am I to interfere
touting my importance, superiority
preaching conversion to heathens
I am no wizard
just a beggar in a stolen hat

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


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