“Personality Chip”

This morning before work, I sat,
lazily pretending for a moment
responsibility lifted
and I was miles away
in another world, for surely
it could not have been this one
There was quiet without expectation
a simple sort of peace, enjoying a moment
before its passing, when
humanity has found me
and shrieks a signalling cry
reverie has ended, noise comes flooding back
with hungry insect-drones, demanding
seeking validation of self, of place and purpose
I must return, that I may be filed among them,
take up my number, and fill my societal role
lest it be noticed that I sat, where others stood
but as my mechanical limbs operate,
performing intended function, I,
the soul that binds me beyond this fashioned flesh
may escape to a place where I cannot be found
free of ears, free of boundary,
free to exist
And they cannot take that from me

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


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