“To the Emotionally Unevolved”

Tell me again how he hurt you
how he clipped your golden wings,
and extinguished the fires of passion
with careless words and unfeeling eyes
surely you’ll find the sympathy you seek

Write yourself, the caged bird
plead your case to society
You, the innocent victim
and He, your iron fetters

It can’t be long until
some blithely ignorant boy
with visions of gleaming armor
and damsels in towers
comes to rescue you
from self-designed nightmare
offering a chance to begin

I cannot say anew
as you will flit, a simple Starling
from one grouping to the next
with no consideration
of why this keeps happening
“to you”

Instead, you’ll wear a shorter skirt
and present yourself,
ready, fuckable, willing
to be had, used
by whoever next notices
the perfect roundness of your ass

All at once, I’m understanding
this compulsion
to cause you pain

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


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