“Masters of Nothing”

local watering hole, not my usual place
hopes that break in routine might
inspire reprieve from monotony
body, nor mind
youthful enough to withstand
constancy of environment
fluctuation of the self we claim to keep
instability, a unique touch
to destroy our organized chaos
and thus, we create disorder
if only to ensure a furthered existence

woman, nearest booth
chews her toothpick mindlessly
apt description, that, I notice
husband of many years attempts conversation
with empty shell of a human
her eyes are glazed
disapproval, but beneath, I see
she does not hear,
no attempt to disguise
desperate attraction to some television
placed behind me, I assume, but I
care not, and order a second round

unusual, perhaps, for me, yet I am nothing
but a slave to the whims
which guide my every action
such as those of present
turn music louder, drown them out
ignore overly-attentive server
exist alone, here, now

cell phone radio commercial interrupts my escape
voices pushing into my space
threatening the boundaries
of my being, my center
even here, I am victim to
the influence of external
perhaps it is my thinking
the immediate willingness to claim myself the victim
and yet, simultaneously, I
claim to be my own God
to hold dominion over my  own
small, peaceful corner of reality
which I may
expand or retract at will
the Allbeing, here, in this place
foolish human, decider of fate
only you would attempt
to play both roles
in your own comical tragedy
let the melodrama flow

round 3, drinking faster
brain-self says “slow”
yet skin, sensory demands increase, opulence
another showing of inner battle
redundancy at its not-best
perhaps at its only expected output
far less fascinating
when logic is near
whispering, needy, flawlessly irrefutable
annoyingly so

louder yet. time is wearing thin
sensations fade into reality
and soon I will only be
the husk, the skin
what is seen, and naught more
than a vessel, a fleshy sack
of unimportance
collection of genetics
meaningless numbers
that is all I believe

couple, same booth
he waits for her to stand
that they may exit, together
she extends her cloven appendage
remarkably aware, now
that she may require, or desire assistance
life is anything
it is everything
it is laughable
how ironic we are

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


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