Evening walk, zipped coat,
wary of unsavory types
legs tired, mind wanders
recall the story of
most decent person
secure within job, home and society
spent his wedding night
drunkenly asking his new wife
to fuck his asshole,
and tell him he’s pretty
as he twirled about
dressed in her nighty
frilly lace thing
stretched over his bits
hair protruding from every angle
and she, soberly wonders
what she has done
perhaps “well-adjusted”
is just an oxymoron
huddled figure approaches
a once-large man
“Miss, you got any change?”
“Nah, man, don’t even have a wallet.
You want a cigarette? Best I can do.”
Honesty begets honesty
in the lowest of society
for the poor cannot afford
the lies of the wealthy
“Thanks lady, you be safe, now.”
“Yeah, man, you too. Take care.”
We passed the other
beneath a flickering light
and I could not help but smile
down here, we may be nothing
we smell of piss and shit
but we know what we are

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


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