“Observations of the Blind”

Gentle morning begins
sleepy rain settles
pen finds paper
summoned by inhuman force
I but obey
my fingers, no longer my own
suddenly aware of
curious eyes from each direction
amazing how paranoid
the “normal” folk are
they cannot pass by
without casting a lingering gaze
making excuses to walk my way
surely I must have some
nefarious intent, and it must
involve the strangers about me
unwillingly thrust into
dramatic fictions, or ill-represented truth
could be a grocery list,
as well as anyone could read
my pointed penstrokes
I enjoy knowing that I
am disturbing their calm
only because they are attempting
to disrupt my own
the simplicity of
leaving well enough alone
seems too complex for most
if only they could see
the metaphor

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on ““Observations of the Blind”

      1. Ah yes, the rare creature known as the ink hustler, the pen jockey, Pandion of the paper perplexities, lurking in the shadowy guilty corners of societal metaphors and casting it’s reflection upon the mirrored eyes of passing ooglers.
        Ok that was a bit much, but nobody is gonna toot that horn for me so I’ll damn well toot it myself

        Liked by 1 person

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