Word of the day email
designed to increase vocabulary
either for self-
satisfaction, some idea of
a better you, or for
sake of appearance, to be seen
as knowledgeable
who cares why, anymore
I laughed, thought of you, who
uses such vernacular
I considered perception of self
how one can never fully see
beyond the contorted image in stained glass
created by ego, or lack thereof
a half-painted canvas

Even you, my love,
even me
fall victim to ourselves
as we strive against
and swim upstream
perhaps we are mad
for not seeing that we are
swimming in a circular pool
there is no ocean
and the currents that we fight
are but the wake of our decisions
we are no more than they
and we never will be
without trusting the reflection of self
presented by the other
Attempt at completion of portrait
fullness of image, allowing
the betterment of self
For creation within
the vacuum of self
creates only entropy
A forever unfinished work of art

It is my hope, Beloved
that we may indeed
be accepting of the foreign hand
that paints the empty spaces
That in this, we
may become whole

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


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