“Poetry Evolved”

he writes
she writes
they write
I write

and no one says a thing

I understand
why no one likes a poet
just look at us
at our useless fleshy bodies
which we bitterly cling to
our small dreams
of being famous, being fucked
of being seen as, being fucked
look at our complaints,
our anguished cries
Plato need not fear the poets
for we are not what once we were
Patriots, rebels, free-thinkers
refusing to be bound
to the too-straight lines of society
but now, we mold ourselves, contorted
to be a part of, not apart
receiving as much regard
as we deserve

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on ““Poetry Evolved”

  1. Interesting ideas in this poem. Reminds me of a line from The Tragically Hip song ‘Poets’: “Don’t tell me what the poets are doing / don’t tell me that they’re antisocial / somehow not antisocial enough….” Once upon a time poets wrote the songs that revolutionaries sang. Time for poets to remember what Lawrence Ferlinghetti has said: not a gang of navel gazers but “the conscience of the race.” Welcome to the 21st century. New/old world, new/old challenges. Time to look OUTSIDE ourselves at least as much as we look inside.

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