“Becoming Nameless”

what is a name
but an assigned aspect of identity”
referential data, necessary
for proper distinction
similarly, titles, mother, son
fragments of a person
descriptions given without consent
excuses to claim knowledge of
as if names continue to hold
some illusion of power
truths remain hidden
and identity is obscured
by perception self as seen,
as introduced, identified by another
the creation of one’s reality
must be bound to the limitations
of the observer
without abandoning the name,
the established idea of identity
we cannot truly know another
as they would be known
nor may we have the power to be
that which we may become
when unobserved,
when alone

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


4 thoughts on ““Becoming Nameless”

  1. Yes yes a thousand times yes. Well said, a thought I’ve had myself many times.
    I legally changed my name once because I thought it would help matters. It didn’t of course, so I went back to the same lame ass girlie name I was born with and gritted my teeth
    As my wise uncle once said while sitting on the toilet, “This too shall pass”

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  2. As always your observations are pithy and acute. What about doing another version of this poem as an allegory? Or try constructing a metaphor, just to make it more interesting. I recently taught a workshop in poetry so if you’re interested I could send you some material on poetic craft.

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    1. Ha, busted! I confess to having recognized the weakness in the stylistic form of this particular write, but was admittedly too lazy to lovingly hone it into a more pure form. I should have known that you would pick up on my half-effort immediately. =) I must say, I appreciate your calling me out, most people either ignore such things or offer bits of well-intentioned appreciation. Honestly, I liked the idea behind this piece, but it didn’t quite come out how I had hoped. As always, your suggestions are welcomed and highly valued. Thank you so much for taking the time to offer your insight, it is always appreciated.


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