“Special Victims”

Slow day at work,
eyes return to television
a constant distraction
found in any public place
because we need more time
in front of the mind-rotting device

This particular outdated machine
gets one channel
always plays some crime/forensics show
frequently displays female victim
clothes torn, serial rapist on SVU
so many variants of the same show
had to make one just for sex crimes

Knew a man who said
he loved the show, his favorite
the same man who
raped his own wife
held her down, whispering “I love you”
in response to muffled cries
her face pressed into the pillow
his weight against her own

Justice did not enter that bedroom
a memory that cannot be forgotten
a lesson that cannot be unlearned

Makes me wonder at the audience
at the mind that wants
to be the abuser and catch the bad guy
the fascination with sex, control, victory-
over what?
and why
are we encouraging this behavior?

Viewers make the numbers
violent crime prevails as theme
and somewhere
a ticking time bomb finds inspiration
who cares, as long as
we can make a quick buck

Media depicts life
life imitates “art”
a circle of repulsive action
divide society and teach them
the expected portrayal of each role
predator, victim, weak, strong
disassociate life from the living

Sympathy helps no one
and pity never saved a soul
in fact they are detrimental to progress.
Must we only ever address the symptom
and never the cause?
Perhaps the reality is
we are too uncomfortable
with the idea of taking action
of instituting change
Besides, then there would be no assigned role
of victim, predator, sympathizer
and we might actually get something done

As it stands, everyone knows
where they belong
what societal role they fill
and what is expected of them
We do not fear suffering
we fear the unknown
and so we remain
in cyclical defeat
societal stasis
but at least
we know where we stand
for all of the nothing that means

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


One thought on ““Special Victims”

  1. Some thoughtful observations here. The same thing seems to hold true of Netflix: hundreds and hundreds of shows all about murder, promoting the myth of the great saviours known as detectives. I’ve often wondered if anyone has ever done the research to find out what the ACTUAL record is for solved murders in any given city. I’m willing to bet it’s nowhere near the 100% closed case rate we see on TV.

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