“Breaking Through”

We live our sorrows
and write our tragedies
every moment
as painful as the last
to justify a continued existence
in a world too weary
for the trite complacency
of satisfaction

Perhaps those we would name
victims are but those who choose
to live, to experience, to try
failure wounds, but is felt
far beyond the death spiral
of existential stasis
failure burns the blood
and bruises skin
reminds the fragile flesh
of that which is
held most dear

That intangible spark
through which, we
create, become,
or try, over and again
until we die
wealthy paupers of old men
or until
we find eternal shelter
within the arms of madness

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


One thought on ““Breaking Through”

  1. i knew a madman once, he drooled a lot. but i believe he chose that path, enjoyed it, and was indeed cradled within. What an idea! the shelter of insanity…

    are we so weatherbeaten that it seems madness to be sheltered?

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