“Cosmic Responsibility”

I wonder
if it was Jesus who told them
to go out
and share their wisdom
with all who might hear

philosophers, poets, fools
we are
expecting some bit of ourselves
to touch another’s soul
to somehow change the world

I was asked yesterday
to define cosmic responsibility
and I laughed
at human tendency
to aggrandize every mundane detail

“cosmic responsibility”
as if we, worms that we are
hold some corner piece
of the fabric of the universe
as if we are required
for some grand purpose
as if our tiny lives
are of any consequence
beneath the eternal sky
as if we, not it
are pregnant with possibility

Amazingly  enough
this illusion permits us to hide
from truth
the truth, that we are
responsible for self
what we allow ourselves to become
the ideas we believe in
that birth conviction
the choices
that create identity

How can we expect
to change the world
to be trusted with purpose
when we refuse
to be responsible
for our own, individual

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on ““Cosmic Responsibility”

  1. This dream of every artist to touch the lives of others is so common and I also dream it – there is nothing wrong with it and you might succeed, but you need to take care of yourself first. Then you can go on and spread love and compassion or whatever you wish to share with the world. And maybe then you find out that you can share all those things through being who you are and acting on it and you don’t even need art (although I’ll never stop writing poetry and I’m convinced it is a great way to touch people’s heart – if you get them to read your poetry) Thanks for this, thanks for the follow, much appreciated and reciprocated. Love from Germany.

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