“Among the Apes”

engaged in an unwelcome conversation
of invented disorders and imagined problems
people are incapable of happiness
when surrounded by an audience
to listen to their created woes
it’s still going
and I find myself debating
potential exits
I have considered suddenly screaming
throwing my arms in the air
and flailing them about as I run
for the door
or maybe allowing
a droplet of drool to form
and dribble down my chin
while I wordlessly stare
or perhaps I could
develop an additional personality
that doesn’t speak English
I could name her Juanita
and walk with a strut
as I saunter away
waving my tanned fingers in dismissal
-oh wait
it seems I have been too long
lost in my own imaginings
and my conversational assailant
is awkwardly waiting for some response
which I am incapable of giving
unblinking, we stand, until
he walks away
presumably seeking another target
to recount whatever tale I ignored
or to complain of my abject disinterest
at least now
he’ll prattle in someone else’s ears

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


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