it has come to my attention
that the principle of the thing
is usually only justification
for display of predisposed disappointment
for typically, as these things go
a person is otherwise unharmed by the offender
save that
on principle
it’s wrong
which gives Me reason
to be bothered, agitated by
some outside force
I am offended at tardiness
not because I have somewhere to be
but because I
ever important, righteous I
can be

complaining for the sake of alleged comradery
complaining that you’ve nothing to complain about
boredom, work, purpose, companions
we engage the outside world
to be further bothered by it
though, we well knew what to expect
thus, we
choose a constant state of being rubbed against

there will be no peace on this earth
men are lacking in goodwill
if the individual
perpetually seeks to be bothered
then society will be filled
with miserable fucks
too self-important to consider
the concept of empathy

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


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