“En Fini”

sometimes I think
my health is far worse than I expect
that each of these pains and oddities
have been warnings
my body is trying to tell me something
and yet I
push on, hurrying toward the next
whatever is next, today

it is convenient
to think myself immortal
smoke another pack
a cough in the morning
that lingers till bedtime
teeth are rotting
but they can wait
my right thumb has been numb
for two days now
and my heart beats how and when it chooses

on days like today
I realize
a truth I’ve always known
I am dying
as are the lot of us

it’s just that some of us are so afraid
that we count our breaths
and some are so afraid
that we ignore our wasted bodies
each hoping in our own way
to escape mortality

© M. Black, 2016 All rights reserved.


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