“Love Is All You Need”

White-washed wall makes a stark contrast to
blackened wood with painted lettering
“Love Is All You Need”
proclaims the commercialized product
available for purchase at retailers near you

to sell such sentiments seems
ironic at best, and yet
to my delight
(as I enjoy life’s bitter truths)
this is overshadowed by further irony:

said wall-hanging is carefully placed
to hide a hole in the wall
made by the fist of an angry man
whose love mattered less
than his ego

I remember his angry mouth
the flecks of spit that flew and
drowned our little home in rage
and I recall trying to repair the hole
sheet rock failing, falling through
my decision to cover it instead
using what I had, of size
the metaphor still makes me laugh

certain stains, specific flaws
cannot be fixed
not with time, nor heart, nor hope
they will slowly claim a person
until there is no wall-hanging large enough
to hide behind

© M. Black, 2017 All rights reserved.


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