“Nighttime Highway”

In my younger years, I made a promise
to myself, that I would go
somewhere, anywhere different
that I would live, and love and grow
root myself to the earth in its entirety
and be not bound, lest I chose it

I have tried, to my credit
to maintain my self-given word
but it seems that after enough time
the highways all look the same
from coast to coast and over borders
if I wish, I may find freedom
for a moment
in looking down that dark road
and imagining myself anywhere else, again
perhaps if I rolled down my window, I
could hear the ocean, or
were it not so dark, mountains might silhouette
against the sky
the air might be crisp, like up north
where ribbons of color can stain the night
in green and purple electromagnetic glory

but I’ve learned, staring down that highway
that in every town, every backdrop sunset
there’s nothing truly new
people make the world
and perspective changes the reflection
variety of which can be found anywhere, everywhere
in every country
people are taken from
by those who are unworthy of love
strangers can be kind
and prove fears unwarranted

so it seems no matter where I’ve gone
there has been little to discover
of life
as it pertains to those who live it
that I could not have found just beyond my door
a promise broken, to myself
and I return home, empty-handed
wishing almost for a return to ignorance
when something, anything different
might still lie ahead

© M. Black, 2017 All rights reserved.


5 thoughts on ““Nighttime Highway”

  1. But even in those experiences you were changed, how ironic! I like your poetry “voice” it’s unique from many of the others I have read. I got a bit confused at your choice of line breaks, but nothing dramatic. I really loved:

    “where ribbons of color can stain the night
    in green and purple electromagnetic glory”

    Really nicely done!

    Liked by 1 person

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