There comes a time
in every life
when a person determines they are lost
they are without, destitute, and alone
fear sets in
when we have no purpose, no hope
and we must, somehow rise
without reason
without cause

in this moment, we rise,
answering the plea of societal hope
beckoned by another
then it is them to whom we owe our triumph

with no thought of success,
no dream of meaning to it all
we choose to stand again on our own dirty feet
we may not find purpose to be,
yet we will have claimed this life
and what it may bring
as our own

© M. Black, 2017 All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on ““Resurrection”

    1. Read that stanza once more, if what motivates you is not yourself, then how can the triumph be credited to you? I’m glad you enjoyed the piece, thank you for the compliment!


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