“Love Is”

Far too often do we attempt
to detail, one to another
what love should be

Love is patient, love is kind
but we forget that love is unforgiving,
love is merciless

Love is trust
that another shares your idea
of what love is
trust that they love you
above themselves-
above the need to satisfy ego

So soon we forgot the purpose of union
and its far-outdated uses
thus, we try, as our fathers did
to assign necessity to choice

Love is
not mysterious
it holds no magical properties
unlike ourselves, lost in throes
of hormones and willfulness-
most irrational of beasts

Love is
what you make of it
an ear, to fill with sorrows
a home, to keep you safe
warm touch, to soften pain
a face, for every aggressor

Love is
and will only ever be
a unique experience
shared between persons

Love is
our design

© M. Black, 2017 All rights reserved.


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