“A Contemplation on the Validity of Existence”

toes wrapped in warm socks
creature comfort, I
sensory organ I
fleshy carcass I
sit in anticipation
sustenance on the stove
bitter turns the heart
analytical flip switch on
green for go, ascend
beyond carrion self, beyond
into objective
open space mind expand, begin
begin to consider
parasite I says nothing
many words, emotion
imposed upon the earth
without direction when
Newton’s 3rd law
react, embody, become
reality exists
and we within
fluidity or obstacle
all shades of the between
to exist
to allow to exist
simplicity becomes complication
when words tests the day
when will is bound again to flesh
human error is redundant
ego rules the man
survival of the loudest
justify the right to win
god must be delusional
like taking advice from the village idiot
dare to be surprised at inevitable
don’t question your right
else you might accomplish something

© M. Black, 2017 All rights reserved.


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