“Suffering Stupidity”

the idea of you attempting to think
simultaneously amuses and terrifies me
often I imagine that you and another
of equally staggering intellect
bang your heads together, which
makes a sound reminiscent of two coconuts colliding
my current theory is
somewhere you heard the word osmosis
and you’ve yet to determine what that means
however, you’ve also heard that two heads
are better than one, and
hence, you and your fellow potato-person
are attempting to join your intellectual prowess
to amplify the output
perhaps it was this act
which has deprived you of the cellular activity required
to speak anything but notions that seem remarkably,
intentionally, lacking in any semblance of thought
or perhaps I am, again, making excuses
for your otherwise painfully dull processor.
You’ll forgive me for trying
we all cope in different ways.

© M. Black, 2017 All rights reserved.


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