“Acceptance of the Meat”

my meat and I have come to terms
one, with the other
with our mutual need
our inability to live, one
without the other
together we came before the mirror
to see, to know, to become
speckles of red and freckles of brown
mar skin that once held no flaw
came the whisper
yes, said I, we know
it said
yes, said I, we know
it warned
yes, said I, we know
time waits not, nor does age, nor health
“they remember”
it said
yes, said I
they remember what we do not
who we are not
and who we were, when we were busy
being anyone but ourself
being anywhere but in the flesh that binds us
it begged
else one will fail
leaving the other to follow
it cried
yes, the vessel is mine, and I am hers
thirty years too long of fighting
the losing battle of self
thirty years too long believing
that I could escape my own skin
by escaping into the mind, the truest of self
“we told you”
it hissed
and I was left with sadness, for
too little always comes too late

© M. Black, 2017 All rights reserved.


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