“Carefree in a Careless World”

there is a cicada in the corner
one of god’s creatures
otherwise annoying poetic device
it sings, as we would say
as if the poor beast is unaware
or perhaps uncaring
that it has found residence inside my own
I am, at once struck by its volume
immense for its stature
and its shamelessness

for all of my want
to locate and destroy the insectoid invader
I find myself torn
between laziness, irritation, and wonder
this pitiful creature
lost in my climate controlled paradise
his alien landscape
of entirely unnatural symmetry
yet despite his surroundings, he sings
despite the hum of my refrigerator,
the rattle of my AC, he sings

we should all be so carefree
as the cicada
to exist as if we were not observed
to sing without audience
to be, as we are, without fear of reproach
confident in self, as self is
unmodified, unedited
to perform our intended purpose

I envy the cicada
and if he cared to notice
he would certainly pity me

© M. Black, 2017 All rights reserved.


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