“The Devil’s Mercy”

Ginsberg in the afternoon
hot summer day, but chills feast on your gentle flesh
shallow breaths from a once-strong chest
to me, you are yet Man, immortal, and beautiful
I read your favorite pieces and watched
as your body betrayed your spirit
my wretched, loving fingers brushed the sick-sweat from your brow
never have I felt so helpless, useless
in the face of your need
for all my preening, my hollow prayers
who would listen to the cries of one corrupt soul
who would hear my selfish need to keep you
to hold you here, with me
the Devil Himself laughs at my attempts
my begging and bargaining
that your lungs would fill with ease
that you live
wicked I, am reminded of every cry I’ve uttered, every curse, every hope
my pride
that such a worthless life, such squandered chances
could be worthy of exchange
to seek your salvation through my sacrifice
oh, if only I believed in reincarnation of self
that I could sell a thousand lifetimes
to bring health to your frail form
but if I lived a thousand lifetimes
I would not have enough to offer
and so I sit, and read to you
as I beg the Devil’s mercy

© M. Black, 2017 All rights reserved.

*Note by the author: This is one of the most personal pieces I’ve ever written.  It came from the very depths of me, and I hope that not only do you enjoy the read, but if you should be so fortunate to love another, I beg you, never let them forget it.  May we live with the understanding that every moment could be our last.  May we love as if there is no tomorrow, and may you have no regrets.


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